high-end custom homes in the Greater Houston area.

built by industry shakers

This isn't just four walls, a door and a roof. This is the central sanctuary for your family to thrive.

We conceptualize each and every Tetelestai home with real people - real families - in mind. We don't settle for standard industry practices or shortcuts. If we have anything to say about it, your kitchen will host the most badass Christmas party in the neighborhood. Your kids will have ample storage for all of the beautiful chaos that comes with family life. Your master suite will be an oasis that equips you to get ready and tackle your morning.

Other builders are designing homes for a world and lifestyle that doesn't exist anymore. At our core, we're industry shakers who are ready to build homes for modern, Texas families like yours!

Stop Dreaming Small

Think outside the box. What would instantly bring that "Wow" factor to your dream home? We'll make it happen.


Did we mention one of the home designers has been a Professional Organizer for over a decade? Meg’s insights ensure every nook and cranny are used to the utmost potential.

Interior Home Organization

Life happens in the details, so we don’t bypass the little decisions that transform your house into a home.

Attention To Detail

We approach every project with fresh eyes and fresh ideas to make your house reflects your life. It's as simple as that.

innovative Layouts

Home builds haven't changed much in the past several decades -- but the modern family has. You deserve to live in a house that molds to your unique lifestyle and journey, not the other way around. We pride ourselves in challenging standard practice in this industry and advocating for whatever lives our clients choose to lead. If you've been looking for something fresh and new, contact us today to schedule a quick consult and discuss your unique vision for your next home.

All you have to do to get this process started is click "Book Now" below to schedule a free consult. Bring any and all questions to the table, we want to make sure you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that Tetelestai is the right fit for your home building needs.


We'll contact you within 1 business day to schedule a consult and discuss the scope and budget of your desired project. Once you decide to book, we'll officially onboard you into the Tetelestai family!


Communication is key as we enter the design and build phase. We'll provide ongoing updates and request you make yourself available to ensure we can customize everything the your exact specifications.


Once your new home is built, all that is left to do is move in and plan your welcome home party to show off your beautiful, custom home!



Houston has always been and will always be our home. Whether you’re also born and bred or Texas newcomer, we will welcome you to the Tetelestai family! We choose every property with care from the perspective of native Houstonians with a finger on the real estate pulse.

We are Meg and Sal Mangione - owners of Tetelestai and proud locals of the Houston region. We don't just want to be the team who builds your house, we want to be a team that supports your journey in this world. 



Tetelestai Builders
Houston, TX 




Tetelestai Builders
Houston, TX