You may be asking yourself, what does Tetelestai mean?

Why Tetelestai?

Combining our passion and talent in home renovation, functional design and family friendly layouts has finally come together for Tetelestai Builders. We don't just want to be the team who builds your house, we want to be a team that supports your journey in this world. 

Before our 2-year wedding anniversary, we volunteered for a youth group high school retreat (pre- our own kids) at our church. The theme was Tetelestai - which is Hebrew for "It is finished" - the final words of Jesus. His work and purpose on this world was completed. We were moved by the message of this retreat so much so that we both got tattoos with "Tetelestai" and knew that God had planted a seed. 

We met over 12 years ago in a midtown sports bar on opening day of college football season. This continues to be an anniversary we celebrate on top of being married for almost 10 years! 2 kids, 4 dogs and 2 businesses later we find ourselves in a new chapter to showcase our passions and talents in home building: Tetelestai Builders is born. 

Of all the sports bars, in all of Houston, she walks into mine.

Sal about Meg

Our marriage has been through trials and tribulations, and we have had to rebuild our foundation from dust. It has made us a stronger couple and a better example to our children of a true partnership. We want to show up for our Tetelestai clients with the same openness and connection.

This isn't just four walls, a door and a roof, this is the central sanctuary for your family to thrive.

Note that we are not only accepting Christians, but affirming Christians who are allies of the LGBQIA+ community and also welcome all walks of life, no matter your religion or spirituality. 

We are honored you have considered us to be a part of your family's story. 

The Mangione Family 

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